Certified Positive Behaviour Management Training for Social Care Environments

Our training programmes have been developed to equip social care professionals with the strategies and techniques needed to effectively manage challenging behaviour and significantly reduce the use of restraint

Person Centred Training Programmes
Built to Support People in Crisis

Person Centred Training Programmes Built to Support People in Crisis

Our comprehensive approach focuses on offering tools and insights crucial for preventing the escalation of challenging behaviours and significantly reducing the reliance on restraint methods. From developing de-escalation techniques to fostering a deeper understanding of behaviour causes and triggers, our training aims to enhance the skills and confidence of social care professionals.

We emphasise creating a safe and supportive environment for both patients and staff, promoting practices that align with the latest standards in care and ethical treatment. All of our courses are BILD Act Certified and RRN Approved. 

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Deliver BILD Act Certified Courses

Positive Behaviour Management Train-The-Trainer

Train your staff to confidently deliver our BILD Act Certified physical intervention training within your own organisation as an affiliate of Timian. 

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BILD Act Certified

Timian Positive Behaviour Management Foundation Course

This course is designed with all direct support staff in mind and is ideally suited to those supporting people who display low level challenging behaviour.

BILD ACT Certified training

BILD Act Certified

Timian Positive Behaviour Management Training

Gain confidence in safely supporting people with challenging behaviour. This would include physical interventions, safe holding and individual support strategies. 

Here's what our clients say

“How the course itself was presented was to top standards and the interaction between the course leader and trainees was perfect.”

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Why Choose Timian?

Over the last 30 years Timian has been developing individualised positive behaviour management strategies for the social care sector which focus on communication skills, de-escalation techniques and reducing the use of restrictive interventions and restraint. Our team can draw upon the skills, knowledge and experience of a diverse body of professionally qualified instructors and experts. 

As a long-established business, we offer certified BILD Act training that complies with the Restraint Reduction Network Standards to organisations in the UK and beyond, helping staff and individuals understand and support the unique needs communicated by people in crisis.

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Gain Confidence in Safely Supporting People in Crisis with Timian Learning and Development

Gain Confidence in Safely Supporting People in Crisis with Timian Learning and Development

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to current national guidance and our certification, there is a maximum of 12 participants on each course to create a more interactive experience.

In-line with our BILD Act certification and approval from the Restraint Reduction Network, we deliver some courses which include physical restraint techniques.

We recognise that there are times when our duty of care might require restrictive practices. Our goal is to ensure that any physical intervention is individualised, underpinned by best practices and ultimately employed with the objective of restraint reduction.

Yes, all our courses are certified by BILD ACT and follow RRN Standards. Our certification certificate can be found here.

The short answer is Yes. We believe that any course delivering this kind of training should have criteria for measuring people’s ability to put the training into practice. We also have to ensure that we follow our BILD Act Certification guidance.