Our Sectors

Our training programs focus on de-escalation and behavior management techniques to reduce workplace conflict, offering solutions tailored to the Health, Social and Education sectors

Health Care

Timian’s BILD Act Certified training programs provide the healthcare industry with effective methods for addressing challenging behaviour, creating a safer, trauma-informed environments for both patients and caregivers.

Children in classroom being taught


We collaborate with schools and staff within the education sector to implement secure and effective strategies for managing challenging behaviour in students, creating a more positive classroom environment.

Social Care

Our BILD Act & RRN Approved training courses are designed to provide social care experts with the necessary skills and methods to efficiently handle difficult behavior and substantially decrease the reliance on physical restraint.

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Why Choose Timian?

Over the last 30 years Timian has been developing individualised positive behaviour management strategies for the social care sector which focus on communication skills, de-escalation techniques and reducing the use of restrictive interventions and restraint. Our team can draw upon the skills, knowledge and experience of a diverse body of professionally qualified instructors and experts. 

As a long-established business, we offer certified BILD Act training that complies with the Restraint Reduction Network Standards to organisations in the UK and beyond, helping staff and individuals understand and support the unique needs communicated by people in crisis.