Confidently support people in crisis and promote positive behaviour

Timian’s BILD Act Certified positive behaviour management training course will teach you how to feel more confident in managing challenging behaviours using safe and effective restraint, breakaway and positive handling techniques.

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Train your staff to deliver our BILD Act Certified physical intervention training courses

Our BILD Act certified train-the-trainer course is the easiest way to get staff equipped with the skills and knowledge required to manage challenging behaviours.

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BILD Act Certified Positive Behaviour Management Training

This BILD Act Certified positive behaviour management course takes a trauma informed care approach to managing those with low level challenging behaviours and is ideally suited to staff working in supported living services and remote workers.

You’ll have a deeper understanding of trauma-informed physical interventions and learn how to promote positive behaviour within your organisation, alongside developing individual support strategies.

Leaders in Positive Behaviour Management Training

Timian’s mission is to deliver effective positive behaviour management strategies that enable staff to safely support people in crisis, helping defuse situations before they escalate and keeping everyone safe. Our training focuses on understanding and looking behind the behaviour. As a result, our training reflects the core values of dignity and quality of life. At the heart of this system is the needs of the individual being supported and we do this using a positive behaviour support model.

BILD ACT & RRN Approved

BILD Act Certified and RRN approved training was developed to ensure there were national standards in restrictive physical interventions training


Timian Learning and Development employ a variety of engaging adult learning strategies to enable effective transfer of skills into practice across education, social and heathcare sectors

Essential Skills for a Safe Environment

Our positive behaviour management courses help organisations, staff and individuals in health, social and educational settings learn a range of new skills

Train your staff to deliver our BILD Act Certified physical intervention training courses

Deliver our physical intervention training courses within your own organisation as a Timian affiliate to create a safer workplace environment for all.

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Gain confidence in managing challenging behaviours in the workplace

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Why Choose Timian?

Timian has spent the last 30 years developing individualised positive behaviour management strategies which focus on communication skills, de-escalation techniques and reducing the use of restrictive interventions and restraint. Our team can draw upon the skills, knowledge and experience of a diverse body of professionally qualified instructors and experts. 

As a long-established business, we offer certified BILD Act training to organisations in the UK and beyond, helping staff and individuals understand and support the unique needs communicated by people in crisis.