Supporting Teachers and Education Staff Through Positive Behaviour Management Training

We work alongside organisations, staff and individuals across the education sector to deliver safe and effective challenging behaviour strategies for students who display challenging behaviour

Fostering Safe and Effective Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviour

Fostering Safe and Effective Strategies for Managing Challenging Behaviour

Our mission is to deliver positive behaviour management strategies that enable education staff to safely support students in crisis. Whether it’s managing challenging behaviour or fostering a positive learning environment, our training programmes are designed to empower education staff with the tools and practical knowledge they need to reduce escalation, foster safe environments and enhance professional capabilities.

Our BILD Act Certified training solutions are designed with a person-centred approach, offering a comprehensive set of skills and knowledge specifically tailored for individuals working in an education setting.

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Deliver BILD Act Certified Courses

Positive Behaviour Management Train-The-Trainer

Train your staff to confidently deliver our BILD Act Certified physical intervention training within your own organisation as an affiliate of Timian. 

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BILD Act Certified

Timian Positive Behaviour Management Foundation Course

This course is designed with all direct support staff in mind and is ideally suited to those supporting people who display low level challenging behaviour.

BILD ACT Certified training

BILD Act Certified

Timian Positive Behaviour Management Training

Gain confidence in safely supporting people with challenging behaviour. This would include physical interventions, safe holding and individual support strategies. 

Here's what our clients say

“Great learning that was beneficial. I felt the location and training methods were great!”

Deputy Head-teacher

“James made everything very understandable and ensured no one was left unsure of themselves. Lovely gentleman and a pleasure to meet!”

PRU Teacher

Why Choose Timian?

Timian has spent the last 30 years providing individualised positive behaviour management strategies to the education sector which focuses on communication skills, de-escalation techniques and reducing the use of restrictive interventions and restraint. Our team can draw upon the skills, knowledge and experience of a diverse body of professionally qualified instructors and experts. 

Timian is certified by the BILD Association of Certified Training and delivers training that complies with the Restraint Reduction Network Standards.

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Build confidence in managing challenging behaviours in the classroom with Timian Learning and Development

Build confidence in managing challenging behaviours in the classroom with Timian Learning and Development

Frequently Asked Questions

In-line with our BILD Act certification and approval from the Restraint Reduction Network, we deliver some courses which include physical restraint techniques.

We recognise that there are times when our duty of care might require restrictive practices. Our goal is to ensure that any physical intervention is individualised, underpinned by best practices and ultimately employed with the objective of restraint reduction.

Yes, all our courses are certified by BILD ACT and follow RRN Standards. Our certification certificate can be found here.

The short answer is Yes. We believe that any course delivering this kind of training should have criteria for measuring people’s ability to put the training into practice. We also have to ensure that we follow our BILD Act Certification guidance.

Our primary focus is on understanding the underlying reasons behind challenging behaviours. We have developed a system with a strong ethical base focused on understanding behaviour and trauma. As a result, our positive behaviour training reflects the core values of dignity and quality of life. At the heart of this system is the needs of the individual being supported and we do this using a positive behaviour support model.