De-Escalation Training with Timian Learning and Development

De-Escalation Training with Timian Learning and Development

We’ve all witnessed minor disagreements escalate into full-blown crises. In these moments, it’s crucial to know how to support people, not just their behaviours.

De-escalation training equips you with practical techniques and concepts to prevent escalation while maintaining dignity and respect. At Timian Learning and Development, our goal is for everyone to feel safe – “In this place, with these people, I feel safe.”

We’ve all witnessed minor disagreements escalate into full-blown crises. In these moments, it’s crucial to know how to support people, not just their behaviours.

Why De-Escalation Matters

Our natural response to conflict is often reactive, fuelled by unmet needs. This could be a need for control, resources, information, or simply attention.  These unmet needs can exacerbate situations. Human behaviour, especially in crisis, can be complex and unpredictable.
Here are some additional factors that can contribute to escalation in workplaces and schools:
These factors can trigger reactions that escalate situations further. Watch out for these warning signs that a conflict might be brewing:

How De-Escalation Works

Managing challenging behaviour requires effective communication and relationship building, alongside mindful non-verbal communication such as body language and appropriate eye contact. The priority is to de-escalate by remaining calm and actively listening to the person experiencing conflict. Validate their feelings and allow them to express their frustrations – to a healthy extent.

Timian's De-Escalation Training: A Step-by-Step Guide

Being prepared for these situations is essential for a safe and healthy environment. Here’s a basic outline informed by our evidence-based training program:


Assess the situation before intervening. Talk to the person in conflict and actively listen to their responses without judgement.

Focus on Feelings:

Validate their emotions with a response like, "That sounds frustrating."

Silence is Golden:

Give them time to think before responding. If they seem confused, rephrase your question.

Clarify Their Perspective:

Ask questions to ensure understanding. Don't make assumptions.

Manage Yourself:

"Affirm your feelings and choose your behaviours".

Formulate a Plan:

Pre-crisis planning is crucial. Visualise potential outcomes and develop strategies.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

Having a supportive team helps maintain professionalism and stability.

Stay Positive:

Avoid negativity and scolding statements. Project positivity to the person in crisis.

Know Your Limits:

Recognise when to step back and involve someone else.

Debrief Afterwards:

Discuss the incident with colleagues to de-stress and improve future responses.

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What is a De-Escalation Programme?

A de-escalation programme trains individuals to use proven communication and body language techniques to diffuse situations before they escalate. It covers every interaction, from initial contact to debriefing after the incident.

Prevention is Key

We’ve all been in heated situations where emotions run high. Even non-verbal cues can escalate tension.  The key takeaway: always support people, not just their behaviours.

Equipping staff with de-escalation skills is essential in workplaces and schools.  Prevention is better than cure, and that’s the core principle behind Timian’s proven de-escalation training.

The Timian Solution

Verbal de-escalation skills are invaluable for managing crisis situations in the workplace and at school.  Our training fosters healthy relationships, improves behaviour management, and promotes safe and respectful environments.  When everyone feels safe and supported – emotionally, physically, socially, and psychologically – achieving organisational goals becomes a reality.

Timian offers a superior approach to handling challenging behaviour and developing essential de-escalation skills for your key staff. Contact us today to discuss your specific training needs!

A man being trained to be a Timian Trainer

Deliver BILD Act Certified Courses

Positive Behaviour Management Train-The-Trainer

Train your staff to confidently deliver our BILD Act Certified physical intervention training within your own organisation as an affiliate of Timian. 

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BILD Act Certified

Timian Positive Behaviour Management Foundation Course

This course is designed with all direct support staff in mind and is ideally suited to those supporting people who display low level challenging behaviour.

BILD ACT Certified training

BILD Act Certified

Timian Positive Behaviour Management Training

Gain confidence in safely supporting people with challenging behaviour. This would include physical interventions, safe holding and individual support strategies. 

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