Timian Developing the Trainer

4 day course

Developing trainers to deliver our BILD Act Certified training courses within your own organisation as an affiliate.

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Deliver BILD ACT certified training in your organisation as an affiliate to Timian. Once trained, your trainers will be able to deliver our BILD Act Certified Timian Foundation Course and BILD Act Certified Timian Physical Interventions Training. These courses are Restraint Reduction Network Approved.


Chapter One – Core Values

  • In this chapter we explore building relationships, trust and developing empathy.
  • We use the “Five P’s of Invitational Theory” and trauma informed care

Chapter Two – Understanding Behaviour as Communication

  • Define behaviour
  • Understand the cultural differences in behaviour
  • Understand the functions of behaviour
  • Discover the role of communication in behaviour

Chapter Three – Developing Individual Response Strategies

  • Developing strategies based on non-physical interventions
  • Recognising behaviour that causes concern and using the “Four D’s” to determine an appropriate response
  • Defusion strategies

Chapter Four – Standards

  • Legal guidance relevant to your jurisdiction.
  • Ethical guidance
  • Organisational policy and its relation to the training

Chapter Five – Physical Interventions

  • We learn about the role of the Restraint Reduction Network prior to any physical skills
  • Simple breakaway techniques based on core values
  • Guided holds
  • Standing and seated holds

Available to

  • Organisations following the current Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards
  • Organisations supporting individuals who challenge services
  • Organisations providing NHS Commissioned Services
  • CQC Regulated Services
  • Also available to organisations not required to have BILD ACT certified training due to sector or geographical area


  • Organisations supporting adults and children who present with behaviours that are challenging.
  • All trainers must currently support people within the service they’re training, or, be part of the training team.
  • Follow the RRN Standards where required
  • The training is developed for private sector, public sector and charities providing services to people within Education, Healthcare, Social Care, Mental Health, Learning Disabilities, Adolescent Psychiatric, and EBD.
  • Where required training delivered at student level must be based on at Training Needs Analysis as required by BILD Act and RRN Standards
  • Training organisations must register as an affiliate to Timian in line with RRN guidelines.

Common Questions

  • What happens when I qualify as a trainer?

    When a participant passes the Timian Developing the Trainer course, they’re then entitled to deliver both our Foundation Course and our Physical Interventions Course within their own organisations. They will be given access to our Timian Resource Centre, which is our online information centre consisting of all of our training videos, PowerPoints and administrative paperwork to allow them to deliver our courses.

  • What is an affiliate?

    Due to the nature of the BILD Act Certification, any organisations who work with us to develop trainers to deliver our training within their organisation must become affiliated to Timian Learning and Development.

    The affiliation scheme means that organisations will be listed as Timian affiliates delivering BILD Act Certified training within their organisations. This satisfies the BILD Act Certification scheme and also ensures that CQC/NHS inspectors are clear on who is allowed to deliver certified training.

  • Do you teach restraint techniques?

    In line with our Bild Act certification and approval from the Restraint Reduction Network, we do deliver courses which include restraint techniques.

    Any course which includes restraint training must be delivered in the context of our Bild Act Certification.

    The following courses include restraint techniques and are Bild Act Certified

    Physical Interventions Training

    Timian Foundation Course

    The following course allows in-house trainers to deliver any Bild Act Certified training

    Timian Developing Trainers

  • Is this course just physical skills?

    There are four chapters to this course before any physical skills take place. This is a requirement of our Bild Act certification and is in line with our Restraint Reduction Network guidance.

    • Looking at Quality of Life
    • Communication as Behaviour,
    • Individual Response Strategies
    • Standards.
  • Is this course a Pass/Fail Course?

    The short answer is Yes, we expect that any course delivering this kind of training should have criteria for measuring people’s ability to put the training into practice. We also have to ensure that we follow our Bild Act Certification guidance.

  • Will I need a refresher?

    Our BILD Act certification requires us to ensure that all our certified courses are refreshed annually.

  • Is this course BILD Act certified?

    Yes, This course is  Certified by BILD ACT following the RRN Standards. Our certification certificate can be found here.

  • What is the maximum number of participants on the course?

    Our courses are structured to a maximum number of 12 participants. This is also in line with current guidance laid out by the Restraint Reduction Network and BILD Act.