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This training is a bespoke training package developed around individuals supported who present with unique challenges.
Availbale to
  • Those who have already completed a level 4 course
  • Can demonstrate through a training needs analysis and Risk Assessment that there is a need for additional techniques
  • 1 or More Days
Course Requirements
  1. Can demonstrate through Risk Assessment and a Training Needs Analysis that this course is a requirement.
  2. Must follow BILD Code of Practice.
See What You'll Learn
  • This course is developed based on a training needs analysis.
  • Individualised appropriately to meet the organisation and staff needs within our core values.
Common Questions
  • Does Timian only teach restraint techniques on its courses?
  • No, our Foundation Course doesn’t include any restraint and courses which do contain restraint, emphasise restraint reduction as a core element of the training.

  • Is this course just physical skills?
  • No, this course is designed to develop restraint reduction as well as Individualised strategies.

  • Is this course a Pass/Fail Course?
  • The short answer is Yes, we expect that any course delivering this kind of training should have criteria for measuring people’s ability to put the training into practice.

  • Are the courses accredited?
  • Yes, all course which contain a physical element are accredited by the British Institute of Learning Disabilities.

We support individuals and organisations to develop the safest techniques for supporting challenging behaviour.

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