17 August, 2020

Unethical Behaviour

The psychology behind unethical behaviour from the Harvard Business Review identifies three setting conditions. Omnipotence, Cultural Numbness and Justified Neglect.

6 August, 2020

It’s Ok to Not be OK

Are you OK? I have seen, read, and heard reports of some people who are thriving under these conditions. They are learning new skills and talents. Some people have found a greater compassion for humanity and are reaching out and helping others.

3 August, 2020

Step Back

We have been delivering training in crisis management for over 25 years. We often hear appropriate and inappropriate approaches to encountering anger and frustration from staff.

31 July, 2020

The Anxiety Tree

Using the analogy of the anxiety tree, Dr. Dale Shannon examines how listening and reassuring someone can reduce that anxiety. This is one of the key approaches to developing positive healthy relationships.

29 July, 2020

There’s no such things as ‘Sheeple’​

A guest blog by John Windsor on the importance of building healthy relationships. A barrier to these healthy relationships is creating a process of ‘othering’.

27 July, 2020

Belittling Restraint

We examine some of the unintended consequences of restraint reduction.

22 July, 2020

We Don’t Have Time!

When we don’t have enough time, we can unwittingly cause behavioural issues. We discuss the virtue of patience in Health and Social Care