12 September, 2021

A Case Study

This case study is taken from the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Restraint in Schools Inquiry Published June 2021 and…
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13 April, 2021

Timian In Partnership

The last twelve months have presented a significant challenge for health and social care services to cope with the pressures…
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15 March, 2021

Just Breathe

This blog was published last year by one of our trainers, John Windsor. After a year of global pandemic and…
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16 February, 2021

Healthy Relationships

This month the Harvard Business Review printed an article posing the question “When should we work with rivals?” Collaboration  Reading…
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1 December, 2020

The year that never ends

In the past few weeks, we’ve been discussing with teachers and carers about how they feel in the last couple months of 2020. Unsurprisingly, one word occurs over and over again.

13 November, 2020

Putting Empathy Into Action

We talk a lot about being empathetic and trying to understand things from someone else’s perspective. But, that can sometimes…
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13 October, 2020

How or Why?

A recent article about excessive use of restraint and seclusion being used in a school has lead me to reflect…
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