BILD Act Certified and RRN approved training was developed to meet the needs of ensuring there were national standards in restrictive physical interventions training in all health, education and social care sectors. The ultimate objective is to reduce the levels of restraint currently experienced by vulnerable children and adults. Timian’s courses are BILD Act certified and approved by the Restraint Reduction network. This means that all of our certified training has been observed, assessed and certified by BILD Act.

Do you require BILD Act Certified training?

If your organisation serves people who may need to be restrained and you are subject to inspection by CQC or you’re commissioned by the NHS, then you will require BILD Act Certified training. In Wales, there is an expectation that training is certified and follows Restraint Reduction approaches.

In England this kind of training can only be delivered by a BILD Act recognised Training Provider or an affiliate.

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What is your Pathway to Certification?

If your organisation requires BILD ACT Certified training we can provide the pathway to training your staff. Our Train the Trainer model is the easiest pathway to getting staff through the training expected by CQC. Once you have trained trainers your organisation becomes an affiliate of Timian Learning and Development.

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Timian and BILD ACT

We received our BILD ACT Certification in April 2020 (Association of Certified Training) which means our training follows with the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards (2019). Certification became mandatory in any organisation falling under CQC inspectorate from April 2021.

We are proud to be able to say this is our 19th year of formal accreditation and certification in the leading national standards.

“Training can only be certified by BILD ACT when they are delivered by – an approved training organisation – using an approved curricula – and be delivered by an approved senior trainer or within an approved affiliate provider organisation.”