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In April 2021 it became a requirement that NHS commissioned services needing training which has a restraint element must have this provided by a BILD ACT certified, RRN Approved training provider. There is now an expectation from CQC regulated services across health and social care to hold the same standards.

“Training can only be certified by BILD ACT when they are delivered by - an approved training organisation - using an approved curricula - and be delivered by an approved senior trainer or within an approved affiliate provider organisation."


Timian Pathway

If your organisation requires BILD ACT Certified training we can provide the pathway to training your staff. Our Train the Trainer model is the easiest pathway to getting staff through the training expected by CQC. Contact to discuss the best way forward for your organisation.

“Our BILD ACT Certification comes after first being accredited by BILD PIAS in 2002. The process of Certification was interesting and certainly validated our approach to enabling staff to support those in crisis."

James Hourihan Founder Timian Learning and Development

Timian and BILD ACT

We received our BILD ACT Certification in April 2020 (Association of Certified Training) which means our training follows with the Restraint Reduction Network (RRN) Training Standards (2019). Certification became mandatory in any organisation falling under CQC inspectorate from April 2021. We are proud to be able to say this is our 19th year of formal accreditation and certification in the leading national standards.

We support individuals and organisations to develop the safest strategies for supporting challenging behaviour.

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