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Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers

Train the Trainers Course
Services it is available to

Private Sector, Education, Public Sector and Charities providing services to people with Autism. Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties


Developing confidence to deliver the accredited training within their own workplace. The trainer will be able to deliver levels 3 and 4 as well as additional techniques where appropriate

Taught Hours

35 hours

Entry requirements

Staff working in an organisation which can evidence that the training will be adhered to. All trainers must currently support people within the service they’re training or be part of the training team.

Key Principles and Outline of Physical Skills component

An intensive delivery of the course content up to Level 4 including learning and practicing the physical skills

Theory Component (15 Hours)

An in-depth exploration of the theoretical basis of the training

  • Developing individualised strategies
  • Understanding why people behave the way they do
  • An in-depth exploration of the legal, ethical and philosophical aspects of the training
  • Familiarisation with the resources and materials provided for trainers
  • Teaching and assessing course participants including the dynamics of teaching physical skills to a group
  • Creative thinking and problem solving
  • Using ICED TEA Thinking
  • Presentation skills
  • Using KNOW your PLAN
  • Addressing concerns and the failure of participants to complete training
  • Self-assessment
  • Assessment of delivering a theory section of the course
  • An assessment of delivering a physical skills element of the course

Physical Skills

Breakaway techniques (7-10 hours)

  • Wrist releases
  • Hair protection
  • Airway protection
  • Biting protection
  • Fending off

Restrictive physical interventions (7-10 hours)

  • One person guide
  • One person hold standing and seated
  • Two-person hold standing and seated

Course Level

  • Advanced Level