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BILD Accreditation

The BILD Physical Interventions Training Accreditation Scheme (BILD PITAS) has been in operation for more that 15 years and is an external monitoring scheme for Physical Interventions training.  This scheme developed off the back of a series of investigations into restraint training standards and application of restraint in Social Care and more specifically Learning Disabilities.

Timian Training and Development were the very first accredited training organisation back during the first edition of the Code of Practice.  In this 15th year and the fourth edition of the Code, Timian are now once again re-accredited with BILD for another three year cycle.

We were involved with writing the very first BILD Code Of Practice and the follow up edition.  We were also involved in piloting the scheme with a couple of other organisations.  It has been an incredibly beneficial process for both us and the people we train.

The purpose of the scheme is to ensure that Trainers, Staff, Purchasers all work towards ensuring that the people they support are managed in a calm, safe and professional manner while at the same time performing ethically and legally.

We all have a way to go but we are getting there.

The courses we have accredited are as follows