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Timian Training and Development have been delivering training in challenging behaviour since 1994.  We were part of the team who developed the BILD Accreditation system in conjunction with the Department of Health and the Department for Education and Skills.  All of our training is designed to be adapted to the individual person and in that respect the ultimate aim is to support them to have a better quality of life. Our Principal trainer, James Hourihan has postgraduate qualifications from The University of Wales and Birmingham University Medical School in Mental Disability along with over 20 years’ experience in working with staff and supporting people who challenge in a variety of environments.

Although we teach physical interventions, we would actually rather not. We would much rather people looked at everything else first and asked themselves why they need to do anything physical. If there is no other way, then we would advocate the simplest, safest and least aversive way possible. We are different because although we are fully aware that there are a lot of ways of physically managing people in your care, we are also aware that many of those ways actually run counter to the principle of care. So, we would advocate that all people in care are treated the way we would wish to be treated if it was us in their position.

Timian Training & Development is experienced at working in close partnership with the organisations using its system of training and approaches to challenging behaviours. Often training will be tailored to meet the needs of the particular organisation depending on the nature of their service and the service user group to whom they provide that service.

Our current client portfolio includes providers of education, health and social care services for children and adults with learning disabilities and mental health needs. When establishing training provision for an organisation, the course itself can be tailored to make specific reference to the organisation’s core policies, procedures including recording systems (incident forms, behavioural records etc), philosophy and approaches. In this particular proposal we would look to work with your organisation to determine the best range of techniques and strategies with on-going support.